My name’s Jack and I founded AIME fifteen years ago with imagination.

For 60,000 years my ancestors have been passing on their stories and imagination.

I used imagination to build a story that my generation could connect to and think of how we could find a solution to the challenge of Indigenous inequality in Australia.

That story is AIME and it is our imagination that allows us to help create more stories and ideas, in turn unlocking the imaginations of tens-of-thousands of university students and high school kids across the world.

I now lead our Dream Factory inside of AIME. I have imagination pouring through me and am desperate to to use it to help solve some of the challenges of our time.

If your interested in partnering or working with us, seeing what we can imagine, know that we run the walk and rap the talk. We do not conform.

We would love to hear what you’re crazy about.

Below are some examples of what we have achieved along the way - in other peoples words.

Yours in imagination.




  • 2016 - Youngest Person in Australian History to receive an Honorary Doctorate, University of South Australia
  • 2016 - Honorary Fellowship, Western Sydney University
  • 2014 - MJ Bale Man of Character
  • 2013 - Happy Harold Education Award
  • 2013 - Stanford Association Dyson Bequest Scholarship
  • 2010 - University of Sydney Young Alumni of the Year
  • 2010 - NSW Young Australian of the Year
  • 2010 - GQ Man of Inspiration
  • 2010 - Australian Human Rights Medal


  • 2016 - BRW 12th Best Place to work in Asia
  • 2015 - Google Impact Challenge
  • 2015 - BRW 9th Best Place to work in Australia


  • 2013 - Executive Program - Stanford University
  • 2006 - BA Media and Communications, University of Sydney


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