Some of our ambassadors from around the world


Swati Dlamini Mandela

My grandfather always said that education for all of our children was the best way to end inequality in our world. We all bear a responsibility to change the poverty, unemployment and inequality, AIME inspires everyone in the education space to achieve this..

Taylor Schilling

My life has been profoundly shaped by different mentors at different times. I want to do whatever I can to help AIME provide that experience for young people around the world.

Uzo Aduba

By standing together with dignity and hope for the future, AIME transforms lives.

Patrick J Adams

Beyond my family, no people have helped shape my life, my career and my view of the world more than the mentors I have been lucky enough to work, play and live with. I’m so excited to have found AIME and to do everything I can to serve the cause of mentorship all over the world.

Troian Bellasario

Our future belongs to the next generation and I have no doubt that they will build it brighter and better than we ever could; but, I want to live in a world where every young person has an equal shot at that herculean task. AIME’s mentorship program exists to empower the youth of the globe, and guide them towards greatness, for all of our sakes.

Yael Stone

The global community is staring at monstrous inequality. AIME's mentoring model creates a bridge that brings people together and makes change possible.

Kate Mulgrew

AIME is not only mighty, it is crucial. It has the power to knit the entire global community together through education, and endorses mentorship in the best possible way. It will lift, it will deepen, it will transform.

Ian Thorpe

I believe in the work AIME does and I want to see it broaden to being a service globally. I want to see this happen because I believe in the young people of our future and the future they can create for the world.

Joe Lo Truglio

If you have a mentor, you have a glimpse of what you can do, who you can be. A child can suddenly see his future. AIME is a great organization which reminds us all how important that is.

Danielle Cormack

There is unmitigated proof that mentoring helps build resilience and opportunity for those that need a hand. Any movement that fosters a positive impact on the lives of our youth, our future, has my whole hearted support. Go AIME

Tai Hara

AIME to me is a place where barriers don’t exist. A place that allows young people to be leaders, to ignite within and extend beyond themselves - sharing, learning, growing and enriching lives together. It’s an organisation that is unwavering in it's power and passion to change lives and break down segregation borne of race and culture. But most importantly, AIME is working to move us toward a healthier, more inclusive, brighter future.

Beth Dover

I know that for me, gaining insight from my mentors helped me understand not just the subject matter, but how to process the information and apply it to your real life. As a student, feeling cared for in an educational system is so important. That is why AIME is so important.

Ben Lee

The value of mentoring is massive as it can open our minds and hearts to possibilities that we couldnt have conceived of even existing previously. It is a tender relationship between two people, where both are connected, present in service and love, and able to understand that two minds put together can be infinitely more powerful than a single one on its own.

Rose McIver

I believe that mentoring has the power to change lives. Encouraging, supporting and guiding our youth towards making decisions that serve their future and their community is the most powerful approach we have to overcoming social injustice. It is also a method that is so rewarding, inspiring and educational for the mentors. I support this cause whole heartedly.

Dash Mihok

I am who I am because of people that took the time to look with Love, deeper and further... Into a kids possibility... Mentor's plant seeds that can ultimately make the difference in every life choice and help breed a grander view of equality and acceptance in our ever shifting world. I am honored to get to be a part of AIME and mentoring around the globe. With every interaction, especially on a global scale, may we be reminded that we are truly one and Love is all there is.

Elana Stone

AIME is an amazing organisation that is invested in creating positive change for people all over the world. Their mentoring program enables young people to see a world of possibility beyond their own expectations. I want to be part of that.

Caiti Ward

If you can't see it, you can't be it', and there's no better time than now to take responsibility and start showing up for the disadvantaged and underprivileged. I don't know who I would be today if it weren't for the incredible mentors who, with patience, love and leadership, showed me I could be more than I ever dreamed. I'm so grateful that AIME exists to ensure more young people are exposed to that example.

Adrienne C Moore

Whatever you do, strive to do it so well that no man living and no man dead and no man yet to be born could do it any better.

Lauren Bath

I got into my career out of a desire to travel and an unexpected side effect was how travel changed me. I want to leave this planet a better place than I found it and I can’t think of a better organisation to support for this end than AIME. Giving underprivileged kids around the world the opportunity to be the best version of themselves through a program that actually cares, what is better than that? This is a movement that matters.

Steve Crombie

Education is our future. I admire AIME's dream to ensure that all people, wealthy or poor, indigenous or non-indigenous have the same access to education. The better educated we are, the more capable we are of facing the future together. I want to help make that mission a reality.

Amelia Darmawan

Every child on the planet deserves the chance to fulfil their true potential. I support AIME because I want to be part of a generation that will lift up the next and not stand idly by in the face of inequality.